3 Things to consider before hiring a Handyman


3 Things to consider before hiring a Handyman

January 10, 2019

Any kind of property be it domestic, or office space requires routine maintenance and upkeep. While a lot of these repairs do not necessitate the hiring of a handyman, there times when problems such as those concerned with plumbing, electrical connections, and other civil utilities become too big for the layman to handle alone. While contractors may not be necessary in these cases, hiring a handyman is a reliable way of solving such tough repair-works.


Before looking for a handyman, there are certain things that one should know beforehand which will make it easier to undertake their services. Mentioned below are few pointers that anyone who is looking for a handyman should be aware of.


  • Thorough Research - It is extremely important to do thorough research about the various handyman services and the features that they offer. Some of the various that one should look out for include the average price for hire in the given area, the various reviews and testimonials posted by previous customers, license numbers, the average timeline for various repair works and the experience of the handyman in question.
  • Never hire without an interview - It is advised to always hire a handyman only after a face to face interview. Hiring a handyman on the phone can result in a wrong hire or enlisting the services of an inexperienced professional. Conducting an interview is a much better way of understanding whether the person is right for the job. Some of the various questions to ask during such interviews should be about the number of years of experience, asking for pictures or reports of similar projects, preferred form of communication and payment, an estimate of the price of the current project and a list of references. After getting an idea of the estimates, it is always better to ask the handyman about the variation of prices and what they are offering for their price range that is better.
  • Manage permits - While all kinds of repairs do not require permits, certain major repairs may require the property owner to pull out their own permits. The best way to gather information regarding this is to consult with a local government agent who can provide guidance with permits that will be required during the final filing process. It is important to note that, there are certain types of handymen available to manage the permits for their customers. Hence one should always inquire about the permit details with their handymen.


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