4 Ways in Which a Handyman can Reduce Your House’s Carbon Footprint


4 Ways in Which a Handyman can Reduce Your House’s Carbon Footprint

August 18, 2019

Who says you cannot change the world alone? You can. The first step - change yourself. The rest will follow. You can set an example to others by reducing the carbon footprints in your house. Steps, even little ones, taken one at a time, will lead to a great destination. How can you reduce the carbon footprints in your home?

A garden can take you a long way!

There are various types of gardens that serve different purposes, but every garden serves in reducing the carbon footprint. 

  • Growing a vegetable garden helps to reduce the consumption of chemicals used in mass production, reduces the fuel consumption to transport from farm to market, among other benefits. 
  • A windbreak or a hedge reduces winter heating cost by diminishing the wind.
  • A shade tree reduces the need for air conditioning, exchanges oxygen for carbon, and helps reduce carbon footprint.

A handyman near you can not only help you with your gardening but also with maintaining it efficiently. 

Reduce energy wastage

Unplugging your devices when not in use is not the only way to reducing energy wastage; there are several other ways that help to reduce energy wastage. You will need the help of a local New York city handyman who will

  • insulate and seal your house
  • install a programmable thermostat to reduce usage when you go out
  • conduct an energy audit to determine the energy consumption

You can also help!

  • Use sustainable energy, line-dry your clothes
  • Turn off and unplug switches when not in use
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances

Conserve water; it’s more precious than diamonds!

96.5% of the water on earth is salty and not suitable for human consumption. Thanks to global warming caused by human beings, water scarcity has hit many cities. With the help of a handyman in NYC, you can reduce your carbon footprint by

  • eliminating leaks and reducing wastage
  • installing showers, toilets that use water sparingly
  • installing a soaker hose and drip irrigation
  • regularly checking the plumbing

Follow the five Rs

The five Rs include:

  • Refuse to use single-use paper and plastic and opt for reusable.
  • Reduce excessive purchase and wastage.
  • Reuse things instead of throwing them; repair them with the help of a handyman near you.
  • Rot your food scrapes. A handyman will be able to help you set up a compost system.
  • Recycle those items that you cannot reduce, reuse, or rot. Be creative and repurpose them with the help of a handyman in NYC.

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