5 critical home repairs you should never ignore

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5 critical home repairs you should never ignore

December 31, 2018

Every homeowner wants to live in a safe and comfortable home, but sometimes, even those with deep wallets don't spend enough on their home repairs and maintenance budget. However, being frugal here isn’t always good. Sometimes you have to exceed your budget to avoid bigger and costlier consequences to protect your investment. 

Here are five home repairs you should never ignore. 

Damp basement 

A damp basement can encourage mold to grow. Exposure to mold and damp environments can result in health problems such as respiratory diseases, eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, wheezing, coughing or throat irritation. 

Resolving a damp basement may require grading the yard, installing gutters and downspout extensions or replacing drain tiles around the footings.

A rotting deck 

Wooden decks are susceptible to rot and deterioration, particularly if they don’t get enough sunlight. Sometimes, one section or a few boards will rot and other times, the entire deck rots. This can leave the structure unsafe for you and your loved ones.

Clogged gutters 

Leaves, nuts, and twigs can pile up and clog your gutters. During storms, clogging forces water to spill over the top and can freeze on the driveway or sidewalk, posing a safety risk. 

Also, since water is not flowing to the downspouts and away from the house, it can easily leak into your basement, making it damp. Although cleaning the gutters twice a year keeps the water flowing, consider installing gutter guards to ensure they are debris-free. 

Water spots on the ceiling or wall 

Any sign of water on your ceiling or walls is an urgent home repair. Usually, it means water is getting in from the outside or you have a leaking pipe inside the wall or ceiling. If the water spot is regularly present, it could be a plumbing issue, but if it appears after a rainstorm, it may be a leaky siding, window or roof. When left unfixed, the spot will expand and affect a larger area and encourage mold growth. This will be costly to fix or repaint in the future. 

A leaky faucet 

A leaky faucet wastes water and causes irritating drips. Delaying this home repair can spring a deeper leak. The repair usually requires dismantling the faucet and replacing the O-rings and washers. It’s prudent to seek the services of a certified plumber to diagnose and fix the problem to avoid worsening the situation or making costly mistakes. 

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