5 Ways to Make Your Service Profile Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Service Profile Stand Out

December 9, 2018

You work hard at building a reputation for quality and professionalism because you know success can hinge on it, and there are few things that’ll hamstring your efforts more than making a bad first impression. Here at Handsome Service, the way to avoid bad first impressions is with a winning profile that showcases your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction—when a potential client views your profile, you should be confident that she sees your best side. Fortunately, this is no large task, and a little diligence on your part can greatly increase your success turning leads into paydays. Here’s 5 things all Handsome Service Professionals should be doing to make their profiles shine.




Fill Out Your Profile Completely

This may sound like a no-brainer, but many people have a tendency to give only information they see as pertinent to the services they offer—which can result in a profile that seems incomplete to a potential client who may not understand the ins and outs of your particular services. While some of the information you are asked to give may seem trivial to you, for potential clients it absolutely is not. Your profile is your first handshake, and it instills the initial trust between you and your clients when they see that you haven’t cut corners on your profile and you won’t cut corners on their projects.


Your Portfolio Can Make the Difference

When potential customers see your profile, they want eye candy. Give them what they want by being diligent to offer them a great portfolio that showcases your best work and inspires them to take the next step. Take photos of all your work, upload regularly, and always post the highest-quality photos you have—this last one is very important, and if you can’t take great pictures, it’s worth your effort to find someone who can.




Respond Promptly to Clients and Be Sure to Get a Review

A big part of what makes Handsome Service appealing to homeowners is the feedback other clients give regarding your work. Clients want to see a profile that shows you are professional and attentive to their needs and desires, and the importance of this aspect of our service can’t be overstated. Be ready and willing to answer questions and comments promptly and professionally, or you’ll find potential clients looking elsewhere for someone who will. Another major facet of our service is customer reviews, and these are really at the heart of our mission at Handsome Service.  


And of course, once you’ve landed a project, bring your highest quality work.  Your timely and professional work is deserving of an excellent review, so be sure remind satisfied customers to write one!  Positive reviews will help secure future clients and convince them of your expertise and professionalism.  If you have dissatisfied customers or bad reviews, work with them to solve their issues and get those good reviews you deserve.


Let Your Profile Show Your Passion and Personality

Ideally, when a potential customer sees your profile, he says “Acme Roofing is the kind of company I want to do business with, run by the kind of people I’d want on my team.” There’s no better way to show them you’re that kind of person than by letting your personality and passion shine. Let’s be honest—when you sell your services, you’re selling yourself, and you should be always showing the world your best side. One great way to do this that really resonates with clients is by wearing your passion and personality “on your sleeve.” Clients want to know you do the work you love and love the work you do; so don’t be afraid to make your passion important—you can believe it’s important to them. A couple of ways you can do this are to include yourself in the photos of your work (smiling customers won’t hurt, either).




Update Your Profile Regularly

This is last on the list, but certainly not least in importance. When clients see your profile, they want to see an active participation on your part—how else can they know you’ll be there to respond promptly to questions and concerns about their projects? This means regular updates to your profile—keep your photos up to date  and just drop in regularly so potential clients know you’re there and eager to please.



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