6 Reasons Why Chimney Cleaning Should Be Your Top Priority This Month


6 Reasons Why Chimney Cleaning Should Be Your Top Priority This Month

July 17, 2019

Chimneys are such an important feature of any house. They are extremely integral to the ventilation and heating of your home. This is why it’s important to have your local New York City handyman or your local New York City general contractor to come in and conduct a thorough chimney cleaning once a year. 

Not scheduling annual chimney maintenance and cleaning may lead to many problems for your house. Here are six reasons why you need to get your chimney cleaned by your local New York City handyman this very month: 

  • Clogged chimneys can be dangerous fire hazards
    One of the by-products you get when you burn wood, especially unseasoned wood, is creosote. This is extremely flammable. Then there are wooden splinters and flints that continue to pile up as months pass. Even a small spark can accidentally trigger a major fire if you’re not careful. A handyman in Manhattan can help prevent this and keep your home safe.  
  • Unclean chimneys can be homes for annoying pests
    Chimneys are a favorite hibernation spot for squirrels. You can even have a bat infestation in there. Chimneys can easily become a nesting area for birds too. If left undisturbed, they can take over your chimney and also be aggressive towards you if you enter the room where the chimney is located. 

    A general contractor in Brooklyn, NY is the best person to contact for chimney cleaning and pest removal services in and around Brooklyn.
  • The excessive soot can cover up all structural problems in your chimney 
    Does your chimney have a large crack that can compromise the safety of your house? You won’t know if it does unless you get rid of the grime, soot, and creosote from the chimney walls. 

    These days, you can find a trained and experienced local New York City handyman who will not only clean your chimney but will also fix cracks and other structural problems. 
  • You may be flouting building regulations and may also be ineligible for insurance
    New York has very stringent building regulations, which also cover chimney cleaning and maintenance. Not following these regulations can get you into a lot of trouble with the law. Additionally, many insurance companies refuse to provide adequate coverage to those homes which don’t get their chimneys cleaned regularly, as they are considered high-risk homes. 

    A general contractor in Staten Island will have extensive knowledge about Staten Island building regulations and company insurance requirements. They will be able to help you keep your home well-protected. 
  • Your chimney may be very inefficient and toxic to the environment
    A clean and healthy chimney produces very little fumes. However, a dirty and clogged chimney tends to produce more smoke and fumes than heat, which is very unhealthy for everyone. This can create a very big and negative ecological impact. Your handyman in Queens, NY, can help you prevent this through scheduled, annual chimney cleaning. 
  • The fuel liner may be standing on its last leg

    The fuel liner is the component that prevents the seepage of toxic carbon monoxide from your chimney. It is also the equipment which prevents accidental fires and explosions from the chimney. But over time, the soot, grime, and creosote can ruin the efficiency and powerfulness of the fuel liner, creating safety issues at home. 

    A trained local New York City general contractor can keep you and your family safe by providing annual chimney maintenance and fuel liner replacement. 

    Handsome Service is a platform that connects homeowners with qualified, experienced, and trustworthy handymen. Post a job today. 

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