Choosing Between General Contractors & Handymen for Your Home Repair Project


Choosing Between General Contractors & Handymen for Your Home Repair Project

July 31, 2019

If you’re planning for a home improvement project, you may be considering calling in a specialist to help you with the work. But these days, you have the option of choosing between a qualified local New York City handyman and a local New York City general contractor for home repairs. 
But who should you choose, and how? Does one offer more benefits than the other? 

Here are four things you need to consider when selecting between a handyman and a general contractor: 

  • Consider the size & scope of your project 
    Handymen usually work alone, and they take up smaller home repair projects. They do all types of jobs, from applying the grout to your bathroom floor to thatching your roof. They’re best if you have small jobs.

    General contractors (who work with an entire team of professionals) have the manpower to handle extremely large projects, and they’re better suited for large-scale home repairs or home remodeling projects. 
  • Identify if you need the services of a specialist or a generalist 
    If your Staten Island home faces the water, you may need the services of a professional who is especially adept at handling the challenges that come with waterfront properties. This is where a general contractor in Staten Island can help. They will have access to people who have experience working on lakefront and beachfront properties. They can help you with your bespoke requirements. 

    However, a handyman in Staten Island is better if you don’t really need a specialist and just need a professional to help you with minor repairs and small renovations. 
  • Determine your budget
    The services of a local New York City handyman generally cost significantly lesser than that of a local New York City general contractor. This is because the contractor brings with them a team of professionals who are specialized in various home construction & maintenance activities. This is why a handyman is the best choice if you’re working on a shoestring budget. 

    However, a general contractor is still better-placed to give you significant discounts on specific repairs or refurbishments if you hire their services for multiple projects. 
  • Find out about warranties 
    Both your general contractor in NYC and handyman in NYC can give you warranties on home repairs & renovations. However, the extent and pricing of these warranties differ based on the scope of your project. 

While your general contractor in Brooklyn, NY, may give you a comprehensive home repairs warranty, it may be more expensive than what your handyman in Brooklyn, NY, charges, because of the extent of labor they need to provide and the risk they need to bear on-the-job. 

Handsome Service lets you find the contact details and reviews for hundreds of handymen and general contractors in NYC. Look through these listings and find a professional who meets your expectations and needs. 

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