Common Jobs That Handymen Perform


Common Jobs That Handymen Perform

January 23, 2019

Handymen are 'jack of all trades.' These professionals are generalists who perform a range of simple household repair and maintenance jobs. Though handymen have been around for quite some time, many homeowners do not know what to expect when hiring one. In many cases, when a household appliance stops working or one of the many systems in their home malfunctions, families can’t decide whether a handyman would be able to handle the job. To help avoid this confusion, we, in this post, take a look at some common jobs that handymen perform. Read on..


  1. Gutter cleaning and maintenance 
    Gutter cleaning is a messy job. If you don’t have the necessary tools of the trade, things can take a turn for the worse, often giving rise to overflooding and safety concerns. To avoid this problem, consider hiring a handyman with experience in cleaning gutters. In addition to using common gutter cleaning equipment, many handymen have advanced tools such as gutter vacuum systems, that don’t require ladders. 
  2. Furniture assembly 
    Many handymen are experts at polishing and staining furniture. A handyman can also perform repair or maintenance jobs to restore furniture pieces to their former glory. If you are thinking of performing these jobs yourself, think again! A botched job apart from dragging down the piece’s aesthetic appeal can result in injuries.
  3. Door installation and repair
    Many handymen can both install and repair doors. A handyman with experience of repairing doors can handle almost all minor repair jobs involving different parts such as locks, seals, handles, and runners. When hiring a handyman for door installation or repair jobs, make sure they have experience of working on the type of door you are using.
  4. Pressure washing 
    Handymen expert at handling pressure washing equipment can help you get rid of stubborn stains and dirty spots on your fence, pool, balcony, patio, driveway, and wall. Many handymen are experts at restoring different areas in vandalized homes to their former glory. 
  5. Painting and related jobs
    A handyman can help you with a number of painting and related jobs. Many handymen are experts at handling jobs that involve renovation painting, patch repairs, and color matching. Others take up jobs involving brickwork or plaster repair. You can even find handymen with experience of handling large painting projects that involve the application of specialized skills. 
  6. Other jobs 
    In addition to performing these jobs, handymen often take up projects that involve fireplace cleaning and maintenance, lawn care, waste removal, window repair, and framing. Though most handymen help with common repair and maintenance tasks, some have experience of performing major jobs such as building a garage or fence. 

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