Factors to Consider When Calculating Your Handyman Charges


Factors to Consider When Calculating Your Handyman Charges

April 18, 2019

When hiring a handyman, a common question that haunts homeowners is whether they are paying more for the job. An experienced and honest handyman would never charge their customers more; however, that does not mean homeowners should take every word that comes out of the expert’s mouth at face value. While every handyman provides estimates for the job they are expected to perform, homeowners too should create their own estimate. To help with this task, we, in this post, discuss a few factors to consider when calculating handyman charges.

  1. Nature and scope of the project 
    Before hiring a handyman, think about the nature and scope of your project. Is it a simple repair job or an extensive home improvement project? Do you just want the expert to perform a single job (such as remove and replace caulk around a single door or window) or multiple jobs (such as remove and replace caulk around multiple doors and windows)? 

    Because handymen have to invest more time and efforts to perform complex tasks, they charge more for them. Similarly, if you have multiple jobs intertwined into one project, be prepared to spend more. 
  2. Preparation required 
    Before starting to perform certain jobs, handymen have to prepare the work area. Handymen performing painting jobs, for instance, have to isolate the area and take other precautions to ensure residents can go about their business. When calculating your handyman charges, remember to factor in this cost.
  3. Expertise level
    Most handymen are adept at performing a range of minor tasks; however, if you want to hire an expert skilled at performing a particular job (say repairing electrical outlets), you may have to shell out more money. Before hiring a professional with a specific skill set, remember to confirm the expert’s claims with the references provided by them.
  4. Your location 
    Do you live in a remote area? If yes, then you may have to pay more as the handyman will have to invest more resources to get to your location. To keep a tab on your costs, look for a handyman in your locality, especially if you have an extensive to-do-list and you anticipate the expert to visit you multiple times to perform these jobs. 

    These are some factors you need to consider when calculating your handyman expenses. When you have your estimate ready, compare it with the one provided by the expert. In case there are many stark differences between the break-up of costs, take the matter up with the expert. 

    You can expect complete transparency when you hire a handyman via Handsome Service. You can verify their credentials, check out their work profiles, and ask all the questions you want, especially about the charges. You would also be eligible for a financial bonus incentive once the job is completed to your satisfaction. Post a job today.

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