Handy Tips for Handymen to Improve the Way They Run Their Business


Handy Tips for Handymen to Improve the Way They Run Their Business

March 11, 2019

While possessing expert handyman skills is the basic criterion for making it big in the handyman business, it is not the only factor that defines success. Many handymen with expert skills and years of experience struggle to make a mark in the industry. In most cases, an expert handyman’s inability to create a niche for themselves can be attributed to their failure to understand the intricacies of running their business. To help achieve operational efficiencies, we, in this post, impart a few tips to improve the way handymen run their business.

  1. Charge appropriately 
    One of the basic questions that many handymen struggle to answer is how much should they charge for a particular job. While higher rates may drive away customers, a lower than normal service rate will send out the wrong message that you don’t have the necessary skills to get the job done. When deciding your service rates, consider a number of factors such as the preparation required for the job, the nature of skills required (specific vs. general), the time required, and taxes, if any that you will have to pay on the income. 
  2. Create a professional website 
    A professional website, apart from helping you get more business, will educate your visitors about your core values and services. A well-designed website will help you create intriguing stories around your brand. Some key sections to include in your website are a call to action, your brand philosophy, testimonials, and services.
  3. Get help 
    You cannot do everything by yourself, which is why it makes sense to get professional help by your side. When your business starts growing and the demand for your services increases, hire professionals to manage different processes such as accounts and customer service. When you start getting more service requests, consider hiring a team of handymen that can work alongside you.
  4. Know when to say no 
    Making most of every opportunity does not mean you have to say yes every time. You will always get some projects and customers that are not worth your consideration. Do yourself a favor; learn to say no to projects that you consider unprofitable. Before accepting a project, understand the scope and nature of the work involved. Be wary of homeowners with unreasonable expectations and those who are holding back key information regarding the project.
  5. Create different packages 
    Dare to look beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. Your clients come from different backgrounds and have diverse expectations. While some of them may need one-time service, others may expect you to provide regularly scheduled maintenance services. To address the needs of different customer groups, create multiple packages.

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