Handyman Hiring Tips


Handyman Hiring Tips

April 29, 2019

Handymen are “jack of all trades.” From fixing minor repair issues to performing home improvement tasks, these professionals do it all. Irrespective of their location and type of home, homeowners avail handyman services regularly. You should be very careful when hiring a handyman and must ensure that the professional is an expert at the task you hired them for. To help you make the right decision, we, in this post, impart a few handyman hiring tips.

  1. Check the professional’s license and insurance documents 
    Before signing a contract with a handyman, remember to check licensing requirements with your municipality. Make sure your handyman fulfills these requirements. It is also a good idea to check the professional’s insurance documents before awarding them the project. Check the expert’s Workman's Compensation and liability insurance documents. If you have any doubts regarding their validity, contact the offices of certifying bodies.
  2. Interview multiple handymen 
    Be wary of handymen who promise you the moon. Remember the golden rule- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Instead of getting fixated with a handyman, request quotes from multiple professionals. 

    Shortlist at least three professionals who possess the necessary skills and experience to meet your requirements. Interview these experts and ask them whether they can provide references. Take out time from your schedule to talk to references. Never trust a handyman who asks for full payment upfront. 
  3. Get everything in written 
    Cases of some so-called expert handymen defrauding their clients are not unheard of. Though very few handymen resort to unfair tactics, it is advisable that you take steps to safeguard your interests. Document all your dealings with the professional. Get everything in writing including the estimate and the scope of work to be performed. 

    Come up with a service contract that defines your’s and the professional’s duties and rights. The service contract must be a mirror image of the verbal agreement between you and the professional and should clearly define the circumstances under which the expert can refuse to accommodate a request.
  4. Ensure the professional has the tools of the trade 
    Research about the tools required to execute your home improvement task. Inquire whether your handyman uses these tools. While expert handymen know a thing or two about the specific tools required for particular jobs and always carry them to work, stories of amateurs turning up to a client's place empty handed aren’t unheard of. A thorough professional will never hide any facts and will let you know the tools they already have and the ones they need to buy. 

    Finding a professional handyman is easy with Handsome Service. You can expect complete transparency – verify their credentials, check out their work profiles, see photos of projects completed, and ask all the questions you want. Post a job today. You can expect a financial bonus incentive once the job is completed to your satisfaction as well.

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