Have Your Handyman Do These 5 Things to Get Your Pool Summer-Ready


Have Your Handyman Do These 5 Things to Get Your Pool Summer-Ready

June 21, 2019

Planning to use the pool this summer? Here are five things you need to have your handyman NYC do before you dive in: 

  • Pool cleaning 
    During winter, your pool tiles may ice over due to the cold and become very slippery. Your pool itself may become clogged-up with debris like twigs, leaves, and dead insects. You’ll need to get your pool cleaned by a qualified pool cleaning handyman.

    This is when you can contact a handyman Bronx NY. Your handyman will visit your residence and conduct a thorough clean-up. He/she will replace the water, scrub and epoxy grout tiles, repair the plumbing, and get rid of the waste that has accumulated in your pool. 
  • Pool shocking 
    Summer is a hotbed for diseases like gastroenteritis, hepatitis, jaundice, and typhoid. Many of these diseases are spread by the consumption of contaminated water. While swimming, you may inadvertently swallow some water from the pool. 

    Shocking is the process of adding granular oxidizers into your pool, to keep the water clean. It will kill any bacteria, algae, and parasites in your pool and keep the water clean. This can keep you healthy and safe. When you hire your Handyman Staten Island for the pool maintenance, be sure to request a pool shocking. 
  • Skimmer and pump basket repairs
    A skimmer is the small opening on the wall of your pool, which collects the debris and dirty water and then transports it elsewhere for disposal. The pump basket is the equipment which captures the large debris which cannot fit in through the skimmer and which have washed down in the main drain. 

    It could spell real trouble for you if either of these equipment became faulty. Clogged skimmers and faulty pump baskets can ruin your entire plumbing system. Thankfully, most local New York City general contractors offer skimmer and pump basket repair and maintenance services. 
  • Water balancing 
    The perfect swimming pool has the right levels of total alkalinity, stabilizer, total dissolved solids, calcium hardness, and pH. When these chemicals are not in the right quantities, the water can damage your pool’s tiles, drainage, and plumbing systems. It may even cause an allergic reaction if you or your loved one has sensitive skin. 

    As a best practice, it’s recommended to balance your pool 2-3 times a week if you use your pool extensively. Since summer is the time when families spend most their days out in the pool, regular water balancing can be of great benefit.  
  • Pool chlorination 
    While pool shocking is usually done once every few months, regular chlorination done every fortnight can protect you and your family from parasites every time you use the pool. Your handyman Manhattan can help you here. 

    These days, you can hire a qualified handyman NYC to provide scheduled pool chlorination services. They will visit your home on the pre-decided dates, and they will chlorinate your pool. 

    The best part – your handyman Queens NY will know just how much chlorine to use, to ensure you’re not left with red eyes every time you use the pool. 

Find a qualified handyman Brooklyn for pool cleaning today!

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