How to Deal With a Bad Handyman


How to Deal With a Bad Handyman

March 6, 2019

Cases of unsuspecting homeowners being duped by dubious handymen aren’t unheard of. In their eagerness to get a repair issue addressed, many homeowners ignore the importance of checking their handyman’s credentials. The callousness of homeowners often creates a window of opportunity for conmen to make easy money.

Many of us at some point have come across homeowners complaining about how their handyman’s unprofessional attitude and lack of skills opened a Pandora’s Box of repair issues. If you or someone you know has been duped by a handyman, there are several things that could be done to deal with the conman. We, in this post, take a look at some steps that you can take to ensure the self-proclaimed know-all expert does not get away with your hard earned money.

  1. Seek help
    If you paid your handyman for supplies and they didn’t return, contact the local police. Talk to the contractor’s state license board and register a formal complaint against the professional. To learn about your legal options, call the office of your state attorney general or local consumer protection cell.

    You can also file a case against the handyman; however, remember that the court may take months to settle the dispute. Plus, going through the legal process can shoot up your costs. Instead, talk to a consumer reporter who can highlight your plight in one of their stories.

    In many cases, the fear of negative publicity can prompt the contractor to take concrete actions. If your contract has an arbitration clause, call the local municipal office to inquire whether it can play the role of an arbitrator. You can also request the BBB to issue a report that can be used as evidence in a court of law.​
  2. ​​​​​​Document every communication with the handyman
    Document written communication between you and your handyman. Preserve letters and receipts, and save emails (if any) that you sent or received from the professional. If the professional has left you in the lurch with a half-finished project, document every attempt that you make to contact them. To ensure you have enough proof to tilt the balance in your favor should you decide to take the legal route after some time, use only certified letters.
  3. Leverage social media
    No sane professional would want negative publicity. In many cases, a threat to post a story covering the shoddy job done by a handyman on social media would be enough to get them to act. If that does not work, go ahead and publish the story on different websites. To establish credibility, remember to post images of the shoddy work.

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