How to Prepare for a Handyman Visit


How to Prepare for a Handyman Visit

May 20, 2019

When a home improvement disaster strikes, most homeowners pin their hopes on their trusted handyman to help them get out of the crisis. A professional and responsible handyman understands their role in simplifying the lives of their clients and comes up with a plan to ensure their nightmare is short lived. As a homeowner, you need to do your homework before your handyman arrives at your location. To help, we in this post, have compiled a list of a few tips that you can follow to prepare for a handyman visit.

  1. Talk to references
    When talking to a handyman to schedule a visit, ask them to provide references with their contact details. While waiting for the expert to arrive, call these references. Ask them about their experience of working with the professional. Inquire whether the project was completed on time. 

    Talking to references would give you an idea about the professional’s work ethics and their working style.  
  2. Come up with a negotiation strategy
    If you have more than one job, be prepared to negotiate. Before the expert arrives, take a tour of your home/store to look for materials that can be used in the project. When the professional arrives at your location, you can provide them these parts to control your project cost (as they won’t have to buy new parts). 
  3. Create a description of your job 
    To ensure you and the expert are on the same page, jot down the jobs for which you intend to hire the professional. Describe the nature and extent of every job and a proposed solution. 

What not to do 

When waiting for a handyman, many homeowners try troubleshooting their home improvement nightmare themselves. What they forget is that one wrong step can open a Pandora’s box of troubles for them. Horror stories of homeowners’ attempt to fix repair issues backfiring aren’t unheard of. 

As a responsible homeowner, you must avoid this trap at all cost. Taking matters in your own hands can not only result in substantial losses but can also jeopardize your safety. Stay safe! Instead of trying to come up with a solution, invest time in documenting every detail about the problem, such as the extent and nature of the issue and for how long have you been facing the problem. 

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