Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Handyman


Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Handyman

February 11, 2019

Extra caution when hiring a handyman for home improvement projects is important. Choosing the wrong contractor can mean a waste of money, increased expenses or a host of inconveniences due to the poor quality of work. There are many mistakes people make when hiring a handyman. Knowing what these are, will help you avoid them while getting the job done in the right way.

Six mistakes to avoid when picking a handyman

Not checking proof of insurance: When hiring a handyman, you should always check for insurance. The handyman should have the right insurance to cover injuries or damage for which you are not liable. Before hiring the handyman, request for their insurance coverage.

Not checking references: A recent survey showed 97 percent of consumers make purchases based on references from trusted sources and online reviews. Reviews and references are an integral part of every business transaction, and hiring a handyman should not be any different. Not taking the time to check for credible references is a common mistake many people make before hiring a handyman. Lack of reviews, as well as plenty of negative reviews, are big red flags.

Not ensuring warranty: Reputable handymen always provide a guarantee of their work which is a great safety net for homeowners. Not asking for warranty before hiring a handyman can add to your costs in the long run. A handyman who does not offer guarantee can mean their work is subpar.

Hiring the most expensive or the cheapest: While many people assume the most expensive handyman is by default the best in the business, it may not always be the case. Similarly, the least expensive handyman may offer sub-standard work. Not checking the standard rates of professional handymen for the required task is one of the common mistakes people make, which can lead them to over or underestimate the price. 

Picking the first person you see on a site: Calling the first number that you see on local services can be a serious mistake. It is important to take the time to look at credentials, references, and proof of previous work before selecting the handyman.

Having low expectations: While your expectations have to be realistic, having low expectations from the handyman can be counterproductive. The handyman has to meet your expectations in terms of quality of work and reliability. Checking the websites of reliable service providers, asking friends or family members who have hired the handyman before, and doing due diligence are some ways to set your expectations right.

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