Must-Have Tools for Handymen


Must-Have Tools for Handymen

February 1, 2019

For handymen, their tools are essential to the survival of their craft. Even though you may have all the handyman knowledge in the world, little can be done if you do not have the right tools. It doesn’t matter if the job is as simple as hammering down some nails or as complicated as fixing a window, if you don’t have the right tools, these jobs become impossible. 


Today, there is a wide range of handyman tools available for all kinds of tasks. Here is a list of the must-have tools that every handyman will need every once in a while:


  • Toolbox or bag
    The first thing you need is a box or a bag to carry all your essential tools in. This is a great way to have easy access to anything that you may need while you’re on the job without having to waste time looking for them. Invest in a quality tool box or tool bag. 
  • Hammer
    A hammer, particularly, a claw hammer, is something that every handyman should have. How else are you going to do all your basic tasks if you don’t have a hammer handy at all times? 
  • Electric tester
    Many handymen often have their customers complaining about an outlet that needs to be fixed. The easiest way to find out if the outlet is working or not is to test it with an electrical tester. 
  • Screwdrivers 
    Screwdrivers are essential handymen tools. Make sure you have different-sized screwdrivers for various purposes, but a flathead and a Phillips' head are a must. Most jobs cannot be completed without these.
  • Tape measure 
    Almost all of your handymen tasks will require you to measure one thing or the other, so you might as well carry a tape measure with you everywhere you go. The metal tape measure is most commonly used by handymen. 
  • Wire cutters
    When you have to deal with wiring works, wire cutters or strippers are a must. These are meant especially for cutting wires, allowing you to be safe and more efficient. 
  • Utility knife
    You will find that your utility knife is your go-to handyman tool many times. This is because this tiny tool has so many uses- cutting, poking, marking, picking, scoring and so on. 
  • Wood saw
    If you are engaged in woodworks like most handymen, a wood saw is a must-have tool. Although old, this tool still comes in handy many times. 

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