Questions to Ask When Hiring a Handyman


Questions to Ask When Hiring a Handyman

May 6, 2019

From troubleshooting appliances to fixing plumbing systems, handymen perform a range of tasks. We all use handyman services regularly. These professionals are our life support, helping ensure that our home improvement nightmares are short lived. 

That said, not all handymen are experts. While most professionals genuinely want to help people, some are just after their clients’ money. Handyman scams have been increasing steadily. When hiring a handyman, don’t let your guard down. Before awarding a contract to your handyman, make sure they are worthy of your trust. To help you safeguard your interest, we, in this post, take a look at some questions you must ask when hiring a handyman.

  1. Do you have appropriate licenses?
    Many states bar unlicensed handymen from performing certain tasks such as electrical repair jobs. Before hiring a professional, contact your local certifying body’s office to learn about license requirements. When interviewing your handyman, ask them to show their license (if they claim to have one). If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of the license, do not hesitate to ring up the certifying body’s office. 
  2. Can you provide references? 
    An expert handyman who has been in the field for quite some time now would be more than happy to provide client references. When interviewing your handyman, ask them to detail a few projects that they have performed in the past. A handyman’s unwillingness to provide references is a warning sign that the professional is a self-proclaimed expert and is trying to lure you into a well-planned trap.
  3. Do you guarantee your work?
    To err is human. Experienced handymen understand that they are humans at the end of the day and can make mistakes. To assure their clients that they got their back in case something goes wrong after they complete the work, expert handymen guarantee their workmanship. To safeguard your interests and ensure that you and the professional are on the same page, get everything in writing.
  4. Do you have insurance? 
    A handyman must carry appropriate liability insurance and workman’s compensation. If an uninsured handyman gets injured while performing a repair job at your location, you may be held responsible. To avoid legal hassles, make sure your handyman is licensed. If necessary, check the insurance documents to ensure the coverage is valid. 

    There is no secret formula for hiring the right handyman. All you need to do is ask the right questions to make sure that the professional is the know-all expert they claim to be.

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