Questions to Ask Your Handyman Before New Patio Installation


Questions to Ask Your Handyman Before New Patio Installation

June 7, 2019

So, you’ve decided to have a new patio installed. Now, before you lock things in with your patio installer, it’s best practice to get all the details of your impending project to ensure you have clarity about the work being done. 

To help you, we’ve listed some questions which you need to ask your patio installer before work begins. 

  1. When will this project be completed? 
    Knowing the completion time of the project will help you plan other home improvements, refurbishments, and renovations. It can also help you keep track of deadlines and manage your project better. 
  2. What will your work schedule be like? 
    Some patio installers work only on weekdays. Others work on weekends too; some work only half the day. 

    Understanding your local New York City handyman’s schedule can help you plan your days more efficiently. You can also request your patio installers to change their schedule if it doesn’t suit your needs. 
  3. Can you help me design the patio before the installation? 
    Many building owners are unaware which patio design looks good on their home or office. This is where qualified patio installers come in. They have immense experience in patio design, and they will evaluate your property and advise you on the ideal design. 
  4. Will you be constructing a new foundation before patio installation? 
    The foundation of your architecture is extremely important for the structural integrity of your building. It’s extremely important to find out if your patio installer will be constructing a new foundation for the patio or not. 

    You should also find out what techniques he/she is planning to use for foundation construction to ensure that it meets modern standards of quality. 
  5. What type of materials will you use, and where will you source it from? 
    Quality materials make for quality construction. One of the most important questions to ask a patio paver or patio installer is about the source of their raw materials. 

    While patio installers typically have favorite brands of their own, most are willing to leave the choice of materials to the customer. If you aren’t sure which grass, tile & stone to use, you can always ask your handymen to bring you samples before the work begins and then decide whether you wish to use these materials or not. 
  6. Will my new patio fit my budget? 
    You may have also planned a new roofing, electric or plumbing project and an expensive patio may hamper your plans. This is why you need to consult your patio installer regarding the budget. Your patio installer will be able to advise you on ways to reduce your expenses once he/she evaluates your property. 

    You will only find professional handymen at Handsome Service who would be glad to provide satisfactory answers to all your queries. Post a job today and find the right handyman NYC, handyman Manhattan, handyman Staten Island, handyman Brooklyn, or handyman Queens to install your new patio.

Now you can rest easy knowing that the job will be completed to your satisfaction, and look forward to the financial bonus incentive that awaits you post the completion of the job.

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