Safety Equipment for a Handyman Involved in Carpentry Work


Safety Equipment for a Handyman Involved in Carpentry Work

March 22, 2019

Most people think that personal protective equipment is only important in a factory, construction site and so on. However, personal protective equipment is important regardless of the environment you’re in when using tools involved in carpentry work. Let’s take a look at some of the safety equipment for a handyman involved in carpentry work:

  • Safety glasses – Safety goggle usage is obvious when operating power tools. Using power tools brings with it a whole host of eye injuries. Carpentry involves a lot of grinding, sawing, sanding and so on. Doing any of these activities without safety goggles is just asking for trouble. You can get safety goggles in a variety of sizes and styles. In addition to this, you can even get them clear or tinted.
  • Ear muffs and ear plugs – Damage to the ear doesn’t always cause pain and can often go undetected for a long time. This is because hearing loss is often gradual due to exposure to loud sounds over a long period of time. Handymen are often exposed to loud sounds, so a pair of ear plugs or ear muffs are a must. Handymen can even get these ear muffs and ear plugs in different styles to suit their stylistic needs.
  • Face masks – A dust mask or face mask should be used whenever you’re working on things that come with a lot of dust. Sanding, painting and so on come with a lot of dust. Face masks and dust masks protect you from inhaling the dust. Inhaling dust brings a lot of respiratory problems and the like with it. Handymen would do well to not forget this one.
  • Safety gloves – A pair of high-quality gloves are essential for any handyman worth his/her salt. Gloves do a fantastic job of providing the user with a better grip. They’re also essential in a job where cuts, bruises, and blisters are commonplace. Gloves are available in plenty of different forms and materials. You can get gloves in leather, canvas, and cloth. In addition to this, you can even find fingerless products on the market for handymen who’d like to stay dexterous. Gloves of an appropriate size should also be worn as a glove that’s too small or too big can cause a lot of issues.

Safety equipment is like bread and butter when it comes to handymen involved in carpentry work. Skipping out on safety equipment can cost a handyman dearly in the long run.

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