Tips to Promote a Handyman Business


Tips to Promote a Handyman Business

February 21, 2019

Handymen are in great demand.  These professionals help businesses and families with small repair issues. Expert handymen are highly skilled, charge less than contractors, and can help with a number of home improvement projects. If you already own handyman business, congratulations! You are on the right track to generating a steady stream of income. 

Over the past few years, the competition has intensified in the handyman industry. As more service providers venture into this industry, the need to stand out from the crowd is at an all-time high. Just having the right skills isn’t enough, you need to show the world that you have what it takes to get the job done. To help achieve this objective, we, in this post, impart a few tips to promote your business.

  1. Advertise your business 
    To educate your target audience about your offerings, advertise your business on different platforms. Print and distribute promotional materials such as business cards, fliers, and postcards. Make sure your business address and contact details printed on these promotional materials are legible. Consider giving away inexpensive things such as pens. 

    Ask your customers if you can display yard signs on their yards. As an incentive, offer them a discount on their next service request. To boost your online presence, create a business website with sections that cover your skills and projects handled. 

    Create a business page on social media platforms. To establish yourself as an authority figure, upload informational content to your website and business pages. 
  2. Request customers to provide testimonials and references 
    In this age of digital marketing, word of mouth marketing has still not fallen out of favor. At the end of every project, request the customer to provide a testimonial or leave an online review. Because testimonials come from real customers, they can help build trust. Compile thank you notes and written feedback by customers and display them in your office.

    Request your existing customers to provide references. More often than not, customers who are satisfied with your services would be willing to help you out. 
  3. Network 
    Networking with other businesses, suppliers, and customers can help you attract more business. To network with your target audience and industry figures effectively, attend local meetings and events. To have access to business and marketing opportunities, join the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. 
  4. Keep working on your skills
    To stand out from the crowd, get certified by different bodies. Make sure you have all the tools of the trade and know how to use them. Broaden your skill sets. To increase your customer base, consider partnering with local businesses. 

Handsome Service is an excellent platform to connect with potential customers and grow your business. Sign up for free, and get alerts when a job is posted by a customer in your area. There is no subscription fee. You also have the option to view all the leads before applying.

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