Your Handyman Can Get Your Home Puppy-Ready: Here’s How


Your Handyman Can Get Your Home Puppy-Ready: Here’s How

August 9, 2019

Bringing a puppy home is a huge responsibility for homeowners. Not only do you need to make your home safe for your new pup, but you should also keep your home safe from your curious, growing puppy. 

While getting a home pup-ready may seem daunting, your local New York City handyman should be able to quickly get things ready, in time to get your dog home. 

So, what can your handyman in NYC do for you? 

  • Fit a doggy door
    Pups love to rush in and out of the house. A small doggy door is a great way to give your furry pet the freedom to come and go out of the house as he/she pleases. Your handyman can fit a doggy door anywhere you want. 
  • Cover-up electrical outlets and stray wires
    Pups can be inquisitive, and they tend to chew on absolutely everything, which can be hazardous. Your handyman in Staten Island can cover-up any open electrical boxes and take care of any loose wires in your Staten Island home. 
  • Prune poisonous house plants & garden plants
    Apart from electrical wires, potted plants are another thing that pups love to chew on. The toxins in these plants can be extremely dangerous for your furry friend. An experienced handyman in NYC can identify which plants are poisonous and then get rid of them.
  • Fit toilet locks and stair gates 
    Pups love to drink out of the toilet bowl. But in their enthusiasm, they may slip and fall in. Fitting a premium-quality toilet lock can prevent accidents from happening. 

    Similarly, having a handyman fit stair gates ensures that your puppy doesn’t accidentally fall down the stairs. 
  • Build new cabinets or furniture
    As they grow, your pup may begin to get access to things you keep on the tables and countertops in your Manhattan home. Your belongings may then become breaking hazards or worse, choking hazards. A handyman in Manhattan can build locked cabinets for you to store your belongings out of your pup’s reach. 
  • Set up a tall fence
    Puppies love to play outdoors. But if you don’t have a tall fence keeping them inside your backyard, you stand to face a lot of problems. Your handyman in NYC can install fencing around your home. 
  • Assemble a doggy crate or playpen 
    A doggy crate or playpen is a great way to keep your pup safe while giving them space to move around. A handyman in Bronx, NY, can quickly assemble one at your Bronx home and do so under a budget. 

    Not just this, but your handyman can also build an outdoor dog house for your pup. 

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