Your Handyman Can Make Your Home More Eco-friendly: Here’s How


Your Handyman Can Make Your Home More Eco-friendly: Here’s How

May 24, 2019

Pollution is a massive problem today. With the world’s natural and pristine resources getting smaller in quantity each day, it’s up to homeowners to do their bit to reduce pollution. You can do this by hiring a handyman who knows how to offer sustainable, eco-friendly repair services. They can help you reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s how they do it:

  • By using zero/low VOC agents for repairs
    Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are extremely fast-acting and corrosive compounds, which not only ruin the structural integrity and beauty of your home, but they also pollute the environment within the home. 

    These days, responsible handymen use only zero/low VOC agents for repairs and paint jobs. The organic and natural ingredients they use are more long-lasting and safer for both the homeowner’s family and the planet. 
  • By using safe ingredients to remove stains and scaling
    Did you know that simple, home ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon can be especially brilliant stain removal and descaling agents? They also don’t corrode or rust your furniture, tiles, and appliances/equipment. 

    Many experienced handymen have their own home-made stain removal compounds and formulations, which they’ve tried and tested for years. These agents are better for your home and the environment in the long run. 
  • By refacing doors, windows, and countertops using sustainable materials
    Qualified handymen will never advise you to replace a cabinet or tile completely if it can be salvaged and retained. They care about the integrity of your house as much as you do. That’s why they recommend refacing your old cabinetry, doors, windows, and kitchen countertops with low VOC paint or eco-friendly materials like bamboo, FSC-certified wood, cork, and wheat straw. 

    These environmentally-sustainable options are not only beautiful to look at but also cost very less and are easy to maintain. 
  • By reusing materials you own and removing your wasted building materials
    Many homeowners are unaware that they can reuse existing materials for repairs and maintenance work. That’s why they buy new ones. 

    Professional handymen will evaluate the materials you already have and use them to work on your home. This way, you don’t need to bring in more polluting materials and can reduce your impact on the planet. Most of them offer junk material removal service, where they cart your excess building materials off your property and responsibly dispose of them. This way, you can get rid of the excess bricks, patio stones, nails, tiles, and other building materials you have and keep your home clean. 

Handsome Service connects you with highly qualified handymen, many of whom are trained in the art & science of eco-friendly repairs. Post a job today. Apart from doing your bit for the environment, you would also receive a financial bonus incentive once the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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